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Hi, I'm Sifuel

Jambo! Welcome to Go Africa. My name is Sifuel, I was born and raised in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Marangu area. Although I have known the mountain since childhood, it never stops to be fascinating. After several years of “on the ground” experience, and attending specialized courses and trainings, I have now become one of the most knowledgeable safari guides for Mount Kilimanjaro and for East African National Parks like Serengeti, Tarangire, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Ngorongoro crater and many other small Parks and game reserves. I conduct my safaris with a special 4x4 safari fleet with hatched / popped up roof, with guaranteed window seat to allow excellent game viewing. Together with my team (professional cooks and experienced camping crew), we are excited and fully prepared to offer an excellent service, high standard camping equipment, and show you the authentic African nature, wildlife and traditions, before leaving you to the total relaxation and sun bathing at the wonderful beaches of Zanzibar island. Besides trekking and safaris in East African Mountains and National Parks, I have had plenty of exposure to the various of the beaten paths and local indigenous ethnic groups (like the Hadzabe tribe, that lives at shore Lake Eyasi), the Maasai people around Ngorongoro area, not to mention mixed culture in Mto wa mbu area. These tribes differ not only due to the area they inhabit, but mainly for traditions, clothing, cuisine and beliefs. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to lakes too: Lake Turkana “desert emerald” and its multitude of ethnic tribes, Lake Nyasa Bays, Lake Tanganyika (the world's longest fresh water lake and second deepest lake in the world “Max. Depth: 1,470 m /4,820 ft.”), Lake Natron and Lake Victoria “largest Lake in Africa”. Although my specialty is trekking and safaris in national parks, my experience includes historical sites such as Olduvai gorge, Laetoli foot prints, Engaruka ruins and so on. Please feel free to book my tours or to reach out to me if you need advice on how to customize the tour that you are interested in. God Bless you!
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