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We make booking African Tours easier by gathering the best local tour providers under the same platform

Go Africa is one top Travel Company focused on African destinations, a one stop solution for safaris tours and experiences in Africa. Local African Tour operators, especially the smaller ones, have very limited means to reach international customers. They rely on walk-ins and word of mouth referral. We have solved this by creating a platform, solely dedicated to African destinations, where local providers can list their tours and reach millions of customers worldwide
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We give visibility to local providers and allow them to reach millions of customers worldwide

Due to limited exposure, local tour providers rely on larger travel agencies to provide them work. As a results, customers pay higher prices for the tours as there are too many parties involved. By eliminating the middleman, we connect travellers directly with the local tour providers; as a direct result the tours are more affordable and the money goes directly In the pocket of the local tour providers.
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Pick your tour host and customise your tours

The tour host is crucial part of the tour, they can make or break the tour. You can read the tour host’s reviews and send a booking request to the tour host of your choice. Through the platform, you can communicate directly with your tour host in order to finalise your tour.
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Connect you with other travellers on our community page

We bring together people who are passionate about Africa, like us! Our community page allows you to ask questions and share your experience or advice about your African trip. Your questions will be answered by other travellers or by the local tour organisers that we have on the platform.

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Pay safely and securely

How can we guarantee that your money is safe and secure? The payment is collected by the Go Africa platform. We accept most card payments. We then release the money to the local tour provider. Go Africa deals with any issues related to money (including refunds).

What drives us

We support local African Tour Guides and Tour Operators.

Due to lack of exposure, local African tour providers rely on international travel agencies (the middle man) to provide them work. This has two negative consequences:

  • Customers end up paying higher prices for the tour packages as too many parties are involved in the tour organisation, and all parties need to make a profit.
  • Local Tour Guides and Tour operators are often underpaid, as the international travel agencies’ main goal is to maximise their own profits.

Go Africa solves this by eliminating the middleman, we connect travellers directly with the local tour providers. As a result all the money paid for the tour packages goes directly in the pockets of the local tour providers. Go Africa retains a small fee, which is the cost for marketing and maintaining the website, and offering seamless customer service.

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