About us

Who are we

Go Africa is an Africa owned online marketplace that allows travellers to connect directly with local tour guides and book tours and activities all over Africa.

Why do we do what we do

We noticed that Local tour guides required a platform where they can advertise their tours and connect with travellers, while travellers needed to connect directly with tour guides. Go Africa is the platform where this can happen.

Africa has such a rich culture and many unexplored gems. We want to make people excited about immersing themselves in the culture, exploring unbeaten tracks, while accompanied by experienced tour guides.


Why Book with us

Go Africa has a sole and strong focus towards Africa, that makes us experts in African Destinations. We strive for Authenticity, Connection, Community, Culture.

Tour guides makes the difference between a good tour and a great tour!

We work with experienced tour guides who have personally met and have been carefully vetted Although our Tour guides offer a variety of tours from Safaris to history & culture tours, we actively promote the most unique tours.

Go Africa tour guides will take you to amazing adventures, they will share their stories with passion and enthusiasm and make you see their country through their own eyes.


Our Community page

Don’t just use our website to make a booking, make a stop on our community page and engage with other travellers. You can post a question and it will be answered by other travellers or by tour guides or by Go Africa Team. If you are a solo traveller looking to connect with other travellers, you can leave a post your request on our community page. You can also share pictures from your trip, we love to see the highlights of our travellers’ tours.

What do we care about and support?

We strongly care about contributing to the betterment of Africa, combatting poverty, decreasing the unemployment rate. We do this by creating work and income for hardworking tour guides that have passion and enthusiasm for their country and want to share it with travellers. We actively support tour guide colleges by contributing to the school fees for underprivileged students, especially women.


Meet the Founder

Hi! I am Milly and I am originally from Kenya.

I am excited to fulfil my vision of bringing together African tour guides and travellers in one platform, with the aim to empower people to explore Africa’s hidden gems whilst contributing to the African community by creating more work for local tour guides.

This positively impacts the alarming unemployment rate in Africa, especially of brilliant postgraduates that have no work prospective. They can now make good use of their talents by taking a tour guide course, create unique tours and passionately show tourists their country.

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